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LB & Lauren


The website should be maintained at all times, make sure to update it when there is new material to post. 

Every second Tuesday huddle have a look through what's new to post on the website.

Go through this checklist every second Tuesday to see if there is something new to post. 

  • New project photos?
  • Client binders?
  • Testimonials?
  • New product releases?
  • New publications, promotion events?
  • New achievements in competitions?
  • New procedures to be added to our internal website?
  • ...anything else?


We use Squarespace to build our website ‘’ Click the below link to view video tutorials on how to use Squarespace.

There is a description for all the pages if you go to "How to update our website" where you find everything you need to know to update the website.

If you get stuck and can't find it there, use Squarespace's own support page here


The website works as our official portfolio which means that it always need to look nice and be kept up to date. The website is often the first thing our clients see of us and it's important to make a good first impression and make it easy for them to understand how they can get in touch with us. The idea is to always stay current and up to date with our work.