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Opening the office

  1. Unlock the top lock on the door, remove the bolt and slot it into the left hand side. Turn the lock again so that the bolt stays in place. Unlock the lower lock on the door. 
  2. Turn on the lights and air conditioning and the table lamp in the front room. 
  3. Open the window.
  4. Put away any dishes/cups.


Closing the office

  1. Wash dishes.
  2. Close the window.
  3. Turn off lights, air conditioning, table lamps and speaker. Make sure there candles are blown out.
  4. Lock both locks.

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Internet / Wi-Fi Troubleshooting


Password: portsea2

If the Internet isn’t working 

  1. Turn the modem off and on again. The modem is under the desk closest to the sink. The on/off button is on the back in the bottom right hand corner. Push the button to turn off then push it again to turn back on. 
  2. Press the Wi-Fi on/off button and the light should come on blue (the modem takes a little while to start up again so you may have to try a few times until the blue Wi-Fi light comes back on)
  3. Wait a few minutes then refresh the browser page on your computer to check if it is connected.
  4. Restarting the modem means that you will have to enter the Wi-Fi password into the printer again. On the printer in the top right hand corner of the screen there is a Wi-Fi symbol. Press the symbol then Wi-Fi set up > Wi-Fi setup wizard > ACDSTUDIO > enter the password > proceed.


If the Internet still isn’t working go to this link on your mobile and follow the troubleshoot steps.

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Modem interface

This is how you can access the setting for the modem if you need to check the status, change the Wi-Fi name, change the password etc.

  1. In your internet browser type in and enter
  2. It will come up with a page asking for a login and password. 
  3. Username: admin / Password: telstra.

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When the air-conditioner is off we like to have candles burning. The matches are in the round marble container on the table. Don’t forget to blow them out if you are the last to leave the office for lunch or at the end of the day. 


3pm tea ceremony.

We have tea everyday in the office, there is milk in the frige in the cupboard and cookies in the cookie jar on the shelf. 

If we are out of it, there is a small store down on Boundary street. 

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Our mailbox is located at the front entry of the building on the left hand side as you enter from Boundary Street. We check the mail every couple of days. The key is kept in the wall cupboard in the front room.

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We have two bins under the desks and one under the sink that we empty every Friday. There is also a box where we keep recycling in the tall cupboards in the front of the office.

  1. The garbage skip bins/ recycling/ printer cartage disposals are located in the loading dock. You need to take the loading dock key to access it. This is kept in the wall cupboard in the front room.
  2. Take the rear lift down to level 2 (L). 
  3. Using the garage swipe key enter the door directly opposite the lift. You will see the bins straight ahead.


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If there are any manuals for the things we keep in the office, like the microwave, artworks etc. scan them and keep in this folder for future references.