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Strategy < Marketing < marketing material




project photos

Strategy < Marketing < project photos

When you receive the project photos from the photagrapher you create a new folder with the project name and save them both as high res, and low res. 




Strategy < Marketing < media


Ask Lauren if there are text that we often use that we can have as template ish??


competition & awards

All the documents thats concerns the competitions should go in this file


Ask Zane, with award do we entry??






Username:     annacarindesign

Password:     portsea223

Log into Instagram on mobile. Upload a photo using the below themes as a guide. Edit photo contrast, brightness and saturation accordingly. Add a 1-2 sentence caption. Tag people/brands featured in the photo.

It should be published at least three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and one during the weekend/Friday.

Add location e.g. name of restaurant/landmark/showroom. If it’s a client’s house only put the suburb. Check the box next to Facebook so that the photo is shared to the ACD Facebook page as well.  Before posting the photo send a screenshot to AC for approval. Make changes if necessary then press ‘Share.’

Comment on the photo with hashtags relevant to the photo e.g. materials/brands/colours. Also include #annacarindesign #interiordesign 

Add all the hashtags as a comment to the picture so they don't show in the image text. 



Username: annacarindesign


Make sure to keep the Pinterest updated with our own projects. There are also "hidden" boards that we share with the client to each project so that they can pin the stuff they like, witch helps us so see what they like. 

(Gora om inspo boards till typ, WE.LOVE.KITCHEN etc. has for mig att Ikea gjorde någon san grej sa man skiljer pa into och egna projekt.)

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Username: or acm22

Password:     portsea22

Houzz should be updated when we have got the professional pictures of the project.

Make sure to log on now and then and see if people are asking questions about the pictures and answer them.

Uploading photos of a recently photographed project to Houzz.

  1. Click on ‘Your Houzz’ > new project > enter the project details 
  2. Add as many relevant tags you can think of 
  3. Upload a selection of the project photos.
  4. Add more information to each photo by adding the room type, more tags and answering the questions provided about layout, materials etc
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Do we even use Facebook?

Image - by Bloomingville.png


We have a monthly newsletter (or soon at least!). Each newsletter should have a different theme and can be prepared in advance. Brainstorm in the office about what each newsletter should include. 

create a template

should always include these elements. blablablabla




Password: Portsea2233

Squarespace is the domain (?) for our website and where you edit the website.

It should always be updated wit the latest projects and if ACD is featured in any media this should also appear under the media folder o top of he page.