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Use Harvest, explain what task was performed under relevant project and stage, do not include breaks/lunch. Administration or office tasks log time under that heading.



MC     Meetings and correspondence

PD     Project design

S     Sourcing

I    Installation

A     Administration


Meetings and correspondence

Duration of meeting with client and emails


Project design

Drawing, schedules, 



Going to fabric/ furniture/lighting showrooms to source items 



Time spent on site e.g. going to site to advise height of pedants


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When someone enquires about our services we need to find out certain information before we take on the job i.e. budget, timeframe, scale. Below is a template for a questionnaire to respond to an enquiry received via email or Houzz. Be sure to remove any questions that have already been answered in their initial message. 

We have created a survey that we send out to the clients that approach us. you find the survey on or just click here to get there!

To send the client the survey you go to "integrate" on the top of the page, and make sure its coonected to the right google sheet. After you have done that you click "share" where you find a link that you can attach in a email where you explain the purpose with the survey. 



Hi [Enquirer’s name], thank you so much for your enquiry regarding our Interior Design Services. I am thrilled you like our work and so pleased you are considering using our services. I have attached a questioneer in this mail that would be great if you could fill out so we can get some information about he project and see if we are a good fit. it will only take a few minutes!  Once we have received these answers and established that we are a good fit for you, we can book in a date to meet up. Our fee for the initial consultation is  $395.- plus GST 

I am looking forward to hearing back from you with your feedback on this initial contact. 

Thanks again.

Kind regards,


attach survey link

Once we have agreed to take on the project we will prepare a fee proposal as per template, XXXXXXXXXXX. When the client has agreed to the fee proposal and paid the initial deposit we will ask them to fill in the Concept Design Questionnaire, witch you also can find in Typeform, or click here. The same thing here, make sure its integrated with the correct Google sheet and then send them the link and explain the purpose of the survey in an mail. They will later on be asked to fill out the Developed Design Questioner witch goes in more on detail level and concrete what they like and don't. make sure the survey s connected to the right google sheet before sending it away otherwise the answers are gone forever!



After each completed we provide the client with a client blinder where we have collected everything about their new home. There is one digital version here on our website but also an actual binder, witch contains the same materials. 

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Styling by Hanneov.png

Create Client Binder on website

Log on to Squarespace, you find the passwords in the PW google sheets.

Go to home menu < Click pages < client binder

Go to Not Linked < mall for Client Binder

Click on the gearwheel < duplicate page

A new page named 'Copy of Mall for client binders'  will appear at the top.. 

Rename it to the project by clicking on the gearwheel < change name under Navigation title < Save

 Choose / Create a head banner for the project

  • Create a new banner in Pages
  • Center the text, choose Swis721 Th BT as font, 40pt place the text on the middle of the page  —  write Projects street name in Caps Lock

 -  Export to pdf < file < export to < pdf…

  • Open file in Adobe Acrobat < file < open < choose file < open < file < export to < image < JPEG < Name and save the image.
  • Go back to squarespace again.
  • press the gearwheel on your page < up in the right corner on the new window press media < add Image < choose the file you just created < save.
Screenshot 2016-08-11 13.42.09.png

Choose a picture for the project

go to page < click edit < browse over picture < click edit again < click add image < choose your picture < save

Set password for the folder

Go to the page < click on the gearwheel < password < type in the password as Streetname.projectnumber (ex. Morrellst.1703 )< save. 

Dont forget to write the password down in the Google docs with all the passwords. You’ll find the project number in Basecamp

Publish your page

Your new page should now be in the not linked section and in a light grey colour, witch means that it is not visible for anyone but yourself. 

To make your page live click on the gearwheel < change the name to ( … ) in the navigation title box < check the box enabled < save

Drag the file up to the folder for the other client binders and place it there. 

Add Pdfs to each subtitle

First combine the pdfs in adobe acrobat, each subtitle in their own pdf. ( The pdf cant be bigger than 20 MB )

Open adobe acrobat pro < file < create < combine files to single Pdf < add files < choose your files < add files < click combine up in the right corner < save the new pdf < click the box reduce file size < save. 

- Go back to Squarespace and the page you just created

Click < Edit

Mark the title you want to add a pdf for

A bar will appear above, press the symbol that looks like a small chain

Choose file < new file < add a file < find the pdf (make sure it isn't in the Thunderbolt file, its to big for the page to open, move the folder before you do this!!!)

Choose the pdf and fill the box that says “open in new window”

< Click save and double check that the link works by clicking on it. 

Make sure it opens in a new window. 

Do the same thing with the rest of the subtitles. 


Image from Universal design studio.jpg


Username: or acm22

Password:     portsea22

Houzz should be updated when we have got the professional pictures of the project.

Make sure to log on now and then and see if people are asking questions about the pictures and answer them.

Uploading photos of a recently photographed project to Houzz.

  1. Click on ‘Your Houzz’ > new project > enter the project details 
  2. Add as many relevant tags you can think of 
  3. Upload a selection of the project photos.
  4. Add more information to each photo by adding the room type, more tags and answering the questions provided about layout, materials etc

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Log in to our your account on, choose to log in via Google and pick the account that is connected to the mail you ant to connect. 

Choose "make zap" < choose "trigger" (Gmail) < save+continue < new starred email (or pic an other one depending on how you want to make with emails you want to export.) < save + continue. 


your "trigger" is done


Choose "mailchimp" < add/update subscriber < save+ continue

<connect account

username: acm22

password: portsea22

< "test" make sure the connection is working < save + continue. 


Choose list < mail import < subscriber email don't type the email choose is in the list that appears when you click on the banner to the right. 

choose the "From Email" 

go down and press " refresh fields" < add name from first name < from name < continue


Turn on "zap", make sure it works by sending a test to mailchimp < press finish < name your zap. 





We are sorting the emails in mailchimp in three groups in each list, these should be


- Tier 1 ( förklaring)

- Tier 2 ( förklaring)

- Tier 3 ( förklaring)


1p - 10p ( förklaring)


- Open (förklaring)

- Rejected (förklaring)

- Committed (förklaring)


Set up groups in Mailchimp  

Go in to the list you want to add groups to < Manage contacts < Groups < Create group < Tic " don't show these groups only sign up form" < Name the group category < Add group names < Save < Done for now

Add contacts to groups

Tic the ones you are moving to a new group < Actions < Add to group < Pic cathegory < Pic group < Done! 


Image - by Bloomingville.png


We have a monthly newsletter (or soon at least!). Each newsletter should have a different theme and can be prepared in advance. Brainstorm in the office about what each newsletter should include. 

create a template

should always include these elements. blablablabla






Squarespace is the domain (?) for our website and where you edit the website. It should always be updated wit the latest projects and if ACD is featured in something this should also appear under MEDIA.